mark padgham

rOpenSci Software Research Scientst
developer, open data advocate, cyclist
mostly C++, R packages

I am a Software Research Scientist for rOpenSci, an orginisation dedicated to "Transforming science through open data and software," and for which I am helping to develop a new system for peer reviewing statistical software. I also develop R packages for accessing and analysing open spatial data, with a particular focus on urban planning and transport. I am a founding member of Active Transport Futures, and the lead developer of, a platform for open-source, open-access interactive visualisations of urban moveability.


R, C++, spatial, open data


a selection of R packages


CRAN Downloads

import Open Street Map data


CRAN Downloads

distances on directed graphs


CRAN Downloads

historical trip data from all public bicycle hire systems which provide it


CRAN Downloads

routing with gtfs (general transit feed specification) data


CRAN Downloads

bespoke plots with Open Street Map data


CRAN Downloads

ultra-lightweight, ultra-fast calculation of geodesic distances

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